Corporate Gifts & Targeted Motivational Rewards

Gifts can be an integral part of client management or any event, adding value and relevance to most occasions. However, all too often they are only an afterthought and add very little, except additional cost.

A good gift company is a solution provider who will think about all aspects of the event to achieve this solution. 

Corporate Gifts

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a gift for your clients or best-performing staff:


The type of corporate gift you give can either turn the table in your favour or leave the recipient feeling disappointed. Ask yourself: What is the objective of the gift? What is the occasion? Who are the recipients?

Interest and incentive

If you are using a gift as an incentive to generate more sales or to encourage sales staff to sell more, the product needs to be aspirational. Luxury brands can often fulfill this requirement as they have a high perceived brand value, but don’t make the mistake of co-branding with your own logo, as this will only detract from the overall aim. By all means put your logo on auxiliary packaging, but maintain the authenticity of the item.

If you are looking for a gift that’s purely a reminder of your company or a small thank you at a specific event or occasion, branding is essential but, still, remember to put thought into the item, no matter what the budget. The gift will probably need to appeal to the masses. Ensure you make it relevant and try to be different.

Fitting for the occasion

Understanding the audience and function of the gift is key. There is no point in giving away a beautiful, delicate ornament if your guests have a long-haul flight to get on – the likelihood of it getting home in one piece is slim. Think of not only the effect the gift will have when received but also the continued effect it will have in the months to come.


You can theme a gift according to the season or your event. What is the time of year? Are they participating in some activity? Is the event overseas? Do we always have to give diaries and chocolate at Christmas? Why not give a nice cashmere scarf, maybe a voucher for a hand treatment, or how about some good old-fashioned port and cigars? Again, be careful to consider the recipients and company policies carefully. Not everything has to be branded to have an impact and create a lasting impression.


Getting a return on your investment makes you feel good, and receiving a suitable gift will also make the recipient feel good.  Just think, “Would I like to receive it?”. If yes, you are most probably onto a winner.

To sum up, don’t just choose a gift for a gift’s sake. Make a difference, think out of the box where possible and, no matter what the budget, make sure it’s the best you can buy for the money available.

Liz Stanhope, director , The Ultimate Gift Solution

The Ultimate Gift Solution is a bespoke sourcing and delivery service with an independent approach that provides clients with a variety of truly motivating and memorable gifts.




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