Eaton top class in EarthCheck

Kowloon property is first and only hotel in Hong Kong to receive EathCheck Platinum environmental standard

EATON HK has become the first and only EarthCheck Platinum certified hotel in Hong Kong.

EarthCheck is the world’s leading benchmark and certification for environmental sustainability in the hospitality industry and its important Platinum accolade recognizes a hotel’s commitment to sustainable efforts for 10 consecutive years.

Eaton HK was founded by Katherine Lo in 2018, and has continued the environmental commitment of the site’s previous embodiment – Eaton Hotel.

Since launching, the new Eaton HK brand has operated as a hotel with a commitment to environmental and social change.

Eaton HK adopts a single-use plastic free environment, where rooms are furnished with organic fixtures and GreenGuard Gold Certified mattresses  free of harmful chemicals and made from all-natural materials. No detail is spared, with 90% of the hotel’s lights replaced with LED energy efficient bulbs.

No threatened fish species are featured on menus, with Eaton HK’s F&B team prioritising sustainable fisheries.

Paperless check-in and check-out has saved 250,000 pieces of A4 paper annually. In addition, Eaton is a proud partner of Water for Free, providing free and purified water for guests and the public.

In 2020, Eaton HK says has:

  • Reduced waste sent to landfills by 60% – 90% less waste per guest night than the regional average.
  •  Drove greenhouse gas emissions 25% below the regional leader and 58% below the regional average (kgCO2-e/guest night).
  • Reduced energy consumption per guest per night to 19% below the regional leader and 53% below regional average.
  • Over 90% of hotel lighting using LED energy efficient bulbs
  • Achieved potable water consumption at a rate of 20.7% below regional average.
  • 2,078kg of food donated annually with Food Angel
  • 192kg of pastries donated annually with Foodlink Foundation
  • Organic Natural Mattresses in all renovated rooms which are GreenGuard Gold Certified to be free of harmful chemicals and off-gassing with 100% all-natural latex which is a pure, botanical product that is sustainably tapped from the Hevea brasiliensis tree and is hypoallergenic.
  • Recycling bins in rooms and garbage bins to separate waste in public areas throughout hotel, over 70% guests recycle during stay.

    Main picture: Eaton HK managing director Dirk Dalichau with Julia Herries, trade and investment commissioner with EarthCheck

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