AI to flush toilet-safety worries away

SPENDING a penny at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre will be more comfortable and safer thanks to an artificial intelligence system being rolled out at 61 accessible toilets across the venue.

Sensors can detect and report lack of motion

The AI Life Sense Alert System is being installed in phases and expected to be completed at the end of the month, say HKCEC (Management) Ltd (HML), the venue’s operators. Accessible toilets are designed to be used by wheelchair users and other people with reduced mobility.

The system can detect a toilet user’s posture (active or static; seated or lying down) and collect motion value for AI-enabled analysis to identify if a fall or accident has taken place or the toilet user has become motionless.

In the event of an identified accident, the system will send out an alert within five seconds via hand-held devices such as mobile phones or tablets so staff can locate the toilet as soon as possible.

The key is to reach the visitors in need as soon as possible so as not to miss the golden hour between life and death

The system is designed to assist visitors in need within the “critical life-saving golden timeframe” and has already been introduced at public hospitals in Hong Kong,’ HML said in a statement.

The AI Life Sense Alert System also provides humidity, temperature and air quality readings, facilitating monitoring of the environment in the accessible toilets and adjustment of cleaning frequency to enhance visitor experience and efficiency.

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HML managing director Monica Lee-Müller said: “Investing in and applying technology to upgrade HKCEC’s hardware and software has been a continuous focus of HML. With safety of our visitors being our first and foremost priority, we have taken the precautionary move to introduce the AI Life Sense Alert System so that our staff can provide timely assistance to visitors in distress during an emergency.

“The key is to reach the visitors in need as soon as possible so as not to miss the golden hour between life and death.”

HML has been pioneering the application of artificial intelligence and robotics to enhance its operations and service. In addition to offering 5G service with 100 per cent coverage of the entire HKCEC, 5G smart security and cleaning robots with water-conservation features have also been introduced.

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