Vok Dams produces Amway extravaganza in Sanya

TRAVEL restrictions mean destinations across Asia Pacific have been unable to host the mega events from direct-marketing companies such as Amway – but the incentive extravaganzas are back on the cards, at least in China.

Europe-headquartered Vok Dams recently produced the China Leadership Seminar for Amway, which saw 5,000 sales representatives join a series of gala dinners and other events in the resort city of Sanya, on the island province of Hainan.

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Around 450 incentive qualifiers attended the events in 11 phases, which were also designed to provide a platform for knowledge exchange.

Vok Dams themed the gala dinners on a mystical city world called SkyCity featuring dancers, acrobats and magicians.

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“Currently, travel restrictions continue to prevail worldwide. That’s why we’re especially pleased that Amway’s Chinese sales staff could be sent on a journey to remember,” said  Dominik Soemantri, Vok Dams’ Asia Pacific managing director.

“We were able to bring the guests closer to the Amway brand in a festive and motivating manner. That makes us proud, of course.”


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