T’ang Court Michelin-Star Cuisine Embraces Slovenian Biodynamic Wines at The Langham, Hong Kong

A dining experience with Chinese cuisine and spiritual new world wines attuned with the stars

Reflecting the culinary essence of the Tang Dynasty and known for its classic yet timeless Cantonese dishes, the two Michelin-starred restaurant T’ang Court presents a new age of astronomical dining with its exclusive Biodynamic Wine and Dine Menu

Showcasing a synergy of east and the west, T’ang Court’s Executive Chef Kwong Wai Keung offers a six-course journey to introduce Chinese flavours to cohesively blend with biodynamic wines from Slovenia’s Movia Winery that have been harvested according to the position of the planets.

Slovenian wines have been influenced from Slavic traditions, along with its Austrian and Italian neighbours, and deemed to be the oldest vines in the world as a whole. Veered as the national wine of Slovenia, Movia Winery has taken a step forward to refine their grapes viticulture approach through biodynamic farming. It is an idea that sees the vineyard as an ecosystem and emphasises the holistic development and the interrelationships of soil, plants, animals and farmers as a whole. Believing that crops would be of better quality if they are attuned to external energies as well, farmers grow and harvest their grapes according to the natural alternation of astrological influences and lunar cycles. This elevation from traditional organic farming is believed to have improved both the taste and nutrition value of the wine produced.    

The culinary journey of the east and the west begins with an appetiser assortment of Chilled Sliced Abalone with Jelly Fish, Barbecued Pork and Sliced Cod Fish with Lemon and Honey sauce, professionally paired with a 2005 Puro Rose wine, followed by the award-winning Stir-Fried Sliced Lobster with Spring Onions, Red Onions and Shallots matched perfectly with a 2012 Sauvignon. The menu continues on with a Stir-Fried Sliced Pigeon with Goose Liver Pate, Crispy Dough and Water Chestnut paired with a 2009 Pinot Nero, while the Baked Blue Point Oysters with Port Wine and the Alaskan Crab Meat with “Tianjin” Cabbage goes with a 2011 Sivi Pinot Ambra. The Stewed noodles with Shredded Chicken, Fish Maw, Ginger and Spring Onion alongside a 2007 merlot, completes the last savoury course. Concluding with something sweet, guests will taste a European-style chestnut paste pudding baked with sago.

The experience is complemented by fine Chinese teas that are biodynamic as well to help digestion and cleanse the palate for each course. The first antique tea is the 2015 Lion Peak Dragon Well West Lake, a rare green tea that is only harvested three times a year and has a fragrance of green bean, floral and apricot. Next is the 2003 Organic Olive Aroma Puer Qi Sze which is from a 200 year old tree and exudes an olive aroma to wake up the taste buds. Last but not least is the 2005 Wu Yi Kong Fu Red that has characteristics of lychee and red rose for a fruity finish.

The exclusive Biodynamic Wine and Dine Menu require a minimum number of 10 people and priced at HK$1,988 per person, subject to 10% service charge.

For reservations and enquiries, please call 2132 7898 or email tlhkg.tang.court@langhamhotels.com.

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