Bali Westin stretches into charity beach yoga

More than 260 health enthusiasts and hotel guests gathered at The Westin Resort Nusa Bali for a charity Beach Family Yoga session.

The event, which took place November 27, was an initiative of Check Out For Children, the partnership between UNICEF children’s organisation and Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

Participants donated IDR150,000 (about US$11) to enjoy an hour of yoga, led by the resort’s Wellness Specialist Jitendra Pokhriyal.

Themed “Shining Bright for 20 Years & Beyond”, the initiative raised more than IDR 142,850,000. This amount will be donated along with proceeds from a charity auction to a project that provides clean water and better hygiene to children from developing countries in the region.

“The response to this charity event was overwhelming, especially as we decided to do something totally different from our usual music concert,” said Bipan Kapur, the hotel’s managing director.

“Although yoga is a niche initiative, it is essential to Westin’s brand philosophy of preserving wellness through travel. I am delighted that so many people turned out to support us and I appreciate all of the hard work put in by our associates to ensure that it was a success.”

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