Automotive Brands gala dinner a swimming success

Staging Connections showed delegates a whale of time with a marine-themed extravaganza for the Automotive Brands Convention gala awards on September 22.

Drawing 540 guests to Crowne Perth, the event’s themed elements included a 25m ceiling installment designed to resemble waves, a 28m curved screen onto which images of Perth’s waterscape were projected, lighting sequences inspired by marine life, and fishbowl table centerpieces containing coral and shells.

Grant Jarrett, executive general manager for operations, Automotive Brands: “Staging Connections brought together exciting technology and creative ideas to deliver a truly spectacular event. They developed the marine theme based simply on our event invitation; it was fantastic to provide a cohesive experience for attendees from start to finish and most importantly, to see this exciting theme be brought to life.”

Rob Meek, project manager for Staging Connections: “Having worked with Automotive Brands for the past six years, we aimed to exceed expectations once again and our team certainly delivered; we were thrilled with the results.”

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