Whiskey Galore

Client: Chivas Regal

Event: Chivas Live

Eventca manager: Jaab Creatives

Venue: ca Bridge, Singapore

Whiskey Galore

Liquor companies often face substantial obstacles in promoting their brands to their target markets. While legislation varies from country to country, alcohol products often face restrictions on television and even print advertising.

This means that marketers need to find inventive ways around these limitations.

Chivas Regal is one of the world’s best-selling premium whiskies and positions itself as an exuberant and extrovert brand. This means targeting younger consumers who might generally feel that whisky is an “old man’s drink”.

Part of Chivas’ promotional strategy is a new music-led initiative, Chivas Live. Alfred Goh, regional brand manager for Chivas Regal, explains: “Chivas Live is the musical expression that exemplifies Chivas Regal’s brand manifesto to enjoy a life well-lived.”

“We want to be the leader in the party music scene, so every event will be a surprise, and every time there will be something fresh. No two Chivas Live parties will ever be the same. Chivas Live will stand for the epitome of unique music experiences,” he adds.

Whiskey Galore

Singapore was chosen to host the very first Chivas Live event in Asia-Pacific. The challenge was to find a location that would attract attention.

“We understood from the authorities that the Cavenagh Bridge is a gazetted area for public events and decided to create this unique music experience atop the historical bridge. We appreciated this opportunity to create history in Singapore’s partying scene by holding an event on a historical icon.”

Contrary to the common image of Singapore as a rule-laden society, the Lion City authorities are often very amenable to the use of public spaces for events, given reasonable notice.

Event company Jaab Creatives had to apply for a temporary occupational licence from the Land Transport Authority (LTA). As Jaab had established a long-standing relationship with the LTA from running previous events, there were no major problems when requesting the licence approval.

Whiskey Galore

With the venue decided, the next challenge was to put together an event programme that would attract a crowd that fitted the Chivas target market.

“As this was the first Chivas Live event in Singapore, selecting the entertainer was as essential as selecting the unique venue. We wanted to bring a superb act, which had never performed in Singapore before,” said Goh.

The whisky brand decided on cult Japanese performers, the Kyoto Jazz Massive, backed by Vanessa Freeman and Tasita D’mour. The Cavenagh Bridge event was their first performance as a collective in Singapore.

Being an unconventional event venue, setting up the party took three-and-a-half days. Taking note that the bridge is curved, stage set up and bar placement were carefully laid out.

“We didn’t want to ruin the beautiful night sky and atmosphere by covering it, hence, a transparent tent was used with the sides of the bridge left uncovered,” Goh explained.

Plastic curtains were in place as a wet weather contingency. However, the weather on the night of March 28 was perfect and dry.

The walkway on the side of the bridge was open for pedestrians to cross from one end to the other, so there was no disruption to non-partying pedestrians.”

The event not only attracted the key audience the event looked for, but it also managed to secure substantial coverage in the online media.

Whiskey Galore


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