Yokohama bids smart to win WCCI

IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2024 heads to Japanese port city with 1,800 overseas delegates expected

THE WORLD’S largest tech event on computational intelligence – the science behind Deep Learning, AI and other computer systems inspired by the human brain – is heading to Yokohama.

The port city along Tokyo Bay has been chosen to host the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI) 2024, which features three flagship conferences of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.  The event will be held in Japan for the first time.

Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau (YCVB) and PACIFICO Yokohama led the successful bid in collaboration with the City of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture and Japan National Tourism Organisation.

WCCI 2024 will be held June 30 to July 5, 2024 at PACIFICO Yokohama. About 2,000 on-site participants are expected, including 1,800 from overseas

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The city’s safety, convenience and track record in hosting international conferences were rated highly during the bidding process with the professors involved in the bid praised for their enthusiasm and vision. Japan was also recognised for its high-level of research in computational intelligence.

Yokohama’s Next Generation Project, which welcomes researchers from across Japan and the world to the city to inspire younger people, backed the conference, which is estimated to have an economic impact of US$2.8 million.

The venue holds the GBAC STARTM Facility Accreditation, which certifies that it meets international hygiene standards for infectious disease prevention measures.

Professor Akira Hirose of the Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, and co-chair of the WCCI 2024, said: “The organising committee expects enjoyable collaboration with the YCVB staff to provide all the participants with the best experience in Yokohama.”


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