Tokyo joins IBTM culture club

TOKYO has landed a place in trade show IBTM’s Top 10 most cultural cities for business meetings and events.

IBTM World will have the theme “creating culture” at its event in Barcelona, November 29 to December 1.

Using cities from the ICCA 2021 “50 best destinations” list and the “most attended destinations” in the 2019 ICCA report, the IBTM team analysed each destination across a range of cultural factors: Unesco World Heritage Sites, museums, Michelin Guide restaurants, art galleries, theatres, architecture and street art.

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Tokyo, which took fifth place behind the winner New York, was singled out its 923 museum listing on Trip Advisor that covered topics ranging from digital art to national heritage. IBTM researchers also found the Japanese capital was home to 484 art galleries.

The Big Apple was followed by in the Top 5 Paris, London and Berlin, while Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Vienna and San Francisco trailed Tokyo.

1) New York City, United States of America
2) Paris, France
3) London, United Kingdom
4) Berlin, Germany
5) Tokyo, Japan
6) Amsterdam, Netherlands
6) Milan, Italy
8) Rome, Italy
9) Vienna, Austria
10) San Francisco, United States of America

Main picture: Tokyo International Forum – the city’s main conference venue

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