Tokyo issues anti-Covid guidelines

Business Events Tokyo releases blueprint to help meeting planners reduce Covid risk as city prepares to welcome international events in 2021

HYGIENE-SAFETY guidelines to help international organisers minimise the risk of Covid infections at events in the city have been issued as the Japanese capital prepares to host the Summer Olympics.

Hygiene Safety Guidelines – Holding a Successful Business Event in Tokyo is a comprehensive document for meeting planners holding an on-site or hybrid event in Tokyo.

The guidelines from Business Events Tokyo provide a blueprint that can be adapted and implemented throughout the event planning stages, on-site management through to post-event activities.

Kazuko Toda, director of Business Events Tokyo, said: “By releasing this guideline, we hope to convey the strong message that Tokyo is open and ready to welcome international business events in 2021.”

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The document covers on vital safety measures and precautions recommended by the Japan and Tokyo metropolitan governments.

Sample layouts for various room setups at meeting venues are provided in the document. It also introduces communication policies, crowd-control measures, and other suggested actions to take for the event to have a Covid-secure environment for all attendees and staff involved.

The use of the latest technology is also introduced to enhance safety measures.

The most up-to-date information on Tokyo’s situation and the safety measures applied will be essential for overseas attendees to feel confident about traveling to Tokyo.

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The guidelines suggest that the organiser assemble and disseminate the latest information on safety and security at the airports, public transport and hotels.

Tokyo has implemented countermeasures to secure the safety of its citizens and visitors, and the main measures are introduced in the document.

Current regulations permit events in Japan to go-ahead as long there is a maximum of 5,000 people at a single venue, indoors and outdoors, and the premises operates at under 50 per cent of its capacity.

All venues must take safety measures, including the mandatory wearing of masks for all visitors and staff.

The publication comes as a Covid state of emergency in Tokyo was extended to March 7. The government has requested people to avoid crowds, meal gatherings,  and for bars and restaurants to close by 8pm. Companies have also been asked to encourage employees to work from home.

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