Sarawak highlights central city of Sibu

SARAWAK is bringing another of its cities into the business events spotlight as the historic riverside settlement of Sibu plays its role in the Malaysia Borneo state’s post-Covid development strategy.

Business Events Sarawak has established the Sibu Business Events Committee (SBEC) to bring public and private industry stakeholders together to promote the central city.

The new committee’s chairman, Clarence Ting, said he was confident that Sibu can be an event city with the support of local businesses and the wider community. “Sibu is included in the Sarawak Government’s Post Covid-19 Development Strategy because there is definite potential in our city to host business events as well as other major events too,” Ting said.

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Amelia Roziman, CEO of Business Events Sarawak, said: “Besides tactical planning to secure more business events, SBEC will take lead on marketing and industry development activities for Sibu.

“We are empowering committee members to propose plans and make decisions for the good of their city and Sarawak’s business events sector as a whole,” Roziman said.

The new SBEC follows the setting up of the Miri Business Events Committee in the northern coastal city to widen Sarawak’s strategy of promoting destinations beyond the state capital of Kuching. Sibu has long been a vibrant Chinese settlement with a shared British colonial and indigenous heritage.

Sibu has been a target of securing 33 business events for 2022 with an expected total economic impact of RM93.7 million, approximately RM50 million from delegate expenses and RM5.6 million from tax revenue. Job-wise, at least 7,345 long and short-term job opportunities will be expected for the local community.

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