Boyband BTS tunes into Seoul

K-pop stars find time amid frenzy surrounding them across Korea to launch videos as build-up to Seoul Tourism Organisation’s global campaign

K-POP sensations BTS may be listed on the stock market and so big that they can defer military service, yet they still give their backing to the launch of Seoul Tourism Organisation’s global publicity campaign.

The Korean boyband is being listed on the country’s stock exchange by their manager and their army of fans are clamouring for BTS’ national service to be delayed.

Despite the frenzy surrounding the heartthrob song-and-dance troupe. BTS turned out for the fourth years for their duties as honorary brand ambassadors for Seoul Tourism Organisation (STO).

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BTS began a build-up for the official launch of the 2020 Seoul Global Marketing Campaign by releasing a special video each day in the lead-up to a big launch on September 11.

Anyone can participate in the special event by subscribing to STO’s official YouTube channel “VisitSeoul TV” and commenting on the 2020 Seoul City Official TVC Teaser about what one is looking forward to in terms of traveling in Seoul. Various prizes will be given out to randomly selected participants.

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“The videos were produced in the hope that we can overcome the present tough situation together,” said Hong Jae-sun, director of STO Global Marketing Team.

“BTS, the Honorary Tourism Ambassador of Seoul, is coming to those who are longing to go out into the world and travel again.”

A video with the song See You In Seoul featuring BTS will be released worldwide at 5pm Seul time tomorrow vis the Visit Seoul site and social media channels.

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