Pico on cloud 9 after virtual expo

More than 10,000 visitors sign-up during two-day Cloud Expo Asia in Hong Kong. Experiential marketers apply digital expertise to make event success

CLOUD Expo Asia, Hong Kong is one of the leading B2B tech exhibitions and conferences in town. For its fifth edition, the show went digital for the first time, drawing 60 exhibitors, over 50 global tech service suppliers, and more than 160 prominent industry leaders and speakers.  

 Winning Pitch
Appointed as the event’s official service provider for the previous four years, in 2020 Pico was invited to apply its experiential marketing and digital expertise in the role of Official Virtual Exhibitors Service Provider. 

Apart from providing a safe environment free of Covid-19 restrictions, digitising the September 23-24 show also allowed participants’ access regardless of time and physical location.

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The virtual exhibition would continue to be accessible for three weeks after the two days officially concluded, enabling the show to potentially reach a wider audience. 

The Pico team custom-designed booths with a 360-degree panoramic view function for the show’s official sponsors: China Mobile International and Cisco Systems (HK).

 Other exhibitors could select their preferred virtual booth design and colour palette from templates designed by Pico.

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A host of complimentary event management services came with each exhibitor package, including advertisement designs for import to the virtual booths. 

The team also custom-designed a virtual lobby augmented with animation and a virtual hall that supported video playback and general enquiries. Visitors who clicked on advertisements displayed in the lobby would immediately be directed to the corresponding booth. 

More than 10,000 visitors registered during the two-day event. 

“We were very grateful to see a successful launch of Asia’s Virtual Tech Show, welcoming thousands of attendees for online interaction with sponsors and speakers,” said Candice Wong, event director of organisers CloserStill Media.

“Many compliments go to the virtual lobby, which was designed by Pico, as it very closely mimicked [an in-person]. I was amazed by Pico’s superb deliverables in digital services.”   

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