Ford Ranger loads up in Taiwan

Pico’s team in Taipei transforms a 'starkly industrial' venue as latest model of pick-up truck debuts; launch features online broadcast and live media event

PICK-UP trucks are in vogue worldwide not only for their practicality, but the design and style represent a ruggedness that appeals to many so much that brands such as the Ford Ranger are even popular as a family car.

That is the case in Taiwan where the Ford Ranger has gained a following among young families and tradespeople thanks to its practicality and “American-style ruggedness – as reflected in the brand’s ‘Built Ford Tough’ motto”.

Pico’s contributions to this crucial launch programme ranged from providing “big picture” expertise such as event management and background settings, to focusing on details such as managing audiovisual equipment, transportation and cars, manpower and catering. The team also selected a venue which proved ideally suited to both the event’s major components.

The Brief
The Taiwan launch of the latest generation Ford Ranger was aimed at its core market of small and medium enterprise customers, and would reinforce the sense of satisfaction, pride and hard work associated with the vehicle.

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Pico’s task was to help activate the launch and bring maximum media exposure amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Building on the client’s original intention of an online-only event, the team proposed a complementary in-person event for media.

Both the online outreach and the invitation-only event in Taipei would be designed to offer an engaging experience to participants in either formats.

The first wave of the launch comprised a 45-minute online broadcast, for which the Pico team contributed content and event management. It was followed by an in-person event on the same day which brought the media face-to-face with three examples of the new Ranger and offered photo opportunities as well as interviews with sales representatives.

The Pico team also arranged for the starkly industrial 165 square metre venue to be as safe as possible from the Covid-19 pandemic. Measures included requiring each guest to provide a travel history upon registration, temperature checks, and compliance with government social distancing guidelines. Team members also ensured that no more than 40 persons were allowed inside the venue at any one time.

More than 40,000 views of the online broadcast within a two-month period while 200 media representatives attended the in-person event.

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