Banking on Bali hospitality

TEAMS at the Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali found themselves on the world stage when Indonesia hosted the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Group (WBG) Annual Meeting last October. Taking place for the first time in Indonesia, the weeklong event was attended by delegates and participants from 189 countries.


The objective of the IMF and WBG Annual Meeting is to bring together delegates from across the world, including central bankers, ministers of finance and development, parliamentarians, private sector executives, representatives from civil society organisations and academics to discuss issues of global concern, like the global economy, international development and the world’s financial system. Over the course of a week, seminars, regional briefings and press conferences take place alongside networking cocktail parties and gala dinners.

The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali worked closely with the Bank of Indonesia and the country’s finance ministry for four years to win the bid to host the event.

With its experience in hosting large, international groups and its close proximity to the Bali International Convention Center (BICC), The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali provided accommodation and F&B for events both on and off-site. The hotel shared hosting duties with the BICC complex due to the scale of the space required by the large delegation; the hotel was pleased to host the Annual Meeting’s seminars, briefings and conferences, while the BICC was transformed into a press centre.

In order to deliver a world-class experience and accommodate such a large number of delegates, The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali closed the hotel entirely for the month's duration, allowing the Annual Meeting guests full access to its 467 guestrooms and 15,700 sqm of event space, including 42 event spaces ranging from a 1,900 sqm ballroom to a 600 sqm auditorium and several smaller breakout rooms.

Each of the hotel’s 1,200 associates worked throughout the seven-day Annual Meeting, on a schedule of morning meetings, lunchtime check ins and more, specifically put in place for the event to ensure communication between teams and to provide a seamless experience for delegates.


With so many high-profile individuals staying and attending events at the hotel, the property needed to ensure its business functionality – everything from the speed and security of its internet to the flexibility of its office furniture – was of international standard to guarantee that delegates could work seamlessly, whether in their guestrooms, in between meetings, or during seminars or briefings.

A first-time requirement for the hotel, the hotel’s events and IT teams worked closely to review their current offering and what was required to meet delegates’ needs. In the guestrooms in particular, all furniture, excluding the bedding, was removed and replaced with carefully selected office furniture, such as long tables, chairs, printers, photocopy machines and F&B utensils. All IT cabling was removed from guestrooms and meeting spaces and replaced with high-speed and secure cabling installed by the Indonesian government.

A large outdoor space at the BICC was transformed into an Indonesian Pavilion complete with examples of art, culture and innovation from around the country’s archipelago. Delegates were invited to interact with colourful displays of art, culture and innovation with demonstrations and detailed information about emerging tourism destinations that drew attention to Indonesia’s growing economic potential.

The hotel’s F&B team worked tirelessly throughout the event,  providing delegates with a choice of versatile dining experiences exclusive to The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, featuring Indonesia’s cuisine. One highlight was an Indonesian Food Festival set up around the hotel’s main swimming pool and overlooking the Indian Ocean while traditional Indonesian dancers entertained guests. Chef Ragil Imam Wibowo was on hand at Ikan Restaurant to introduce visitors to the flavours of authentic Indonesian cuisine.


The scale and profile of the event saw hotel staff solving different types of challenges and working with new colleagues and teams, which has strengthened inter-departmental relations. A hotel spokesperson said it was an experience that associates would take with them, not only into future events, but their daily work as well. 


EVENT: IMF and World Bank Group 2018 Annual Meeting

ORGANISER: The Bank of Indonesia, the Indonesia Ministry of Finance, International Monetary Fund, World Bank Group, Bali International Conference Centre and The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

VENUE: The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

ATTENDEES: Total of 36,669 delegates and participants

BIG MOMENTS: Transformation of each guestroom into a working international office; F&B events showcasing Indonesian culture and cuisine; the first IMF and WBG Annual Meeting in Indonesia

DATE: October 8-14, 2018

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