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BELGIUM Add a dash of inspiration to a meeting by changing the furniture. Innovative company WeWatt has unveiled its WeBike, a hybrid bicycle desk that allows the energy generated by the user's pedalling to charge his laptop and other mobile devices.

With treadmill desks and standing desks emerging as a unique alternative to the standard office furniture, these funky new workdesks enable people to sneak in some exercise time while simultaneously holding a brainstorming session.

The WeBike also features an interactive LED display, which keeps track of the user's physical activity and total power output. The user can then use the the power they have stored up to charge their laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices.

“WeBike displays instantly the degree of physical activity you are performing. The more power you deliver, the more LEDs will light up in the LED strip. When WeBike performs enough energy to charge the device initially plugged in, the bottom led strip will light up, indicating WeBike charges the device based on human power.”

WeBike desks can also be combined together in various ways, to better facilitate and cater to the specific type of work interaction that is sought after – from a "straight" arrangement (side-by-side) to more quirky formations like the "snake", which encourages more connectivity.

Each desk bicycle comes with a built-in WiFi hotspot and 110 volt output. The product costs close to US$13,000 for a set of 3.


Randall Sim


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