PCMA to give Sarawak journal global reach

Agreement signed between BESarawak and PCMA at Convening Leaders in Ohio to raise profile of world’s first academic journal on the legacy of business events

SARAWAK is joining forces with PCMA to give the world’s first academic journal on the benefits created by business events global reach.

Business Events Sarawak officials signed an agreement with the Professional Convention Management Association for the PCMA to be a strategic partner in developing the International Journal of Business Events and Legacies (IJBEL) in North America and worldwide.

The agreement was signed in Columbus, Ohio, during the PCMA Convening Leaders conference.

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IJBEL is the world’s first academic journal to merge business events and legacy topics under one title, a BESarawak spokesman said. It publishes “high quality research, reviews and viewpoints offering wide and varied perspectives on business events issues for the events industry practitioners, researchers, academicians, students and event enthusiasts”.

The journal is managed by Curtin University Malaysia which works with BESarawak and the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) in partnerships with Universiti Teknologi MARA and the Sarawak Research Society partners to provide a knowledge sharing platform for the business events industry globally.

Some 48 editors and advisors to association and academia partners from Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, Europe, and the Middle East work on the project.

The collaboration between BESarawak and PCMA is expected to open new opportunities for the Malaysia Borneo state with PCMA’s network of audience and members broadening the journal’s reach and making it an efficient tool for academic and practical use.

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“Sarawak is an emerging point for serious thought leadership and innovation. We have spent several years learning and facilitating business event legacies, and are the first to put social and economic progress at the forefront of Malaysian business events,” said Karim Rahman Hamzah, Sarawak’s Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts at the signing ceremony.

“Our newfound strategic partnership with PCMA is expected to open new opportunities to collaborate with their wide network of audience and members to expand the journal’s reach and make it an efficient tool for academic and practical use. We openly welcome more academicians and convention bureaux to become strategic partners of the journal.”

Sherrif Karamat, PCMA president and CEO, said: “The agreement with Business Events Sarawak is completely aligned with PCMA’s vision of growth as both organisations share the same goal – to demonstrate how business events transform societies, businesses and communities.

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“We look forward to collaborating with BESarawak to develop the journal as it elevates the influence of business events and advocates legacy and sustainability impact globally,” Karamat said.

Amelia Roziman, BESarawak’s CEO, said: “We are about more than just winning bids; we want to be part of the global industry’s reset-and-recovery through education. This involves forging collaborations at micro and macro levels with local, national and international players.”

IJBEL’s first volume was launched November 30, 2022, with 11 articles covering business event legacy and sustainability. Download a copy of the journal for free at ijbel.businesseventssarawak.com/publication

Main Picture: PCMA’s Sherrif Karamat (left) and Amelia Roziman, CEO of BESarawak, exchange agreements after the signing 

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