Osaka, TCEB agree on collaboration

OSAKA convention bureau officials are teaming up with their counterparts in Thailand to strengthen collaboration and revitalise the business events industry.

Areas of co-operation include the exchange or experts, instructors and students from MICE industry training institutions in Japan and Thailand, along with participation in trade shows, incentive tours, convention and exhibitions organised by either destination.

An MoU was signed by Hiroshi Mizohata, president of Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau, with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau to set mutual goals in attracting business events.

A spokesman for the Osaka bureau said the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding marked a new chapter in the business events ties between Japan and Thailand.

This Memorandum is a significant catalyst towards achieving each bureaus aspirations, and will encourage the sharing of experience and information between the two destinations,” he said after the signing in Osaka on December 19.

Both sides agreed to strengthen co-operation by adopting the following measures in addition to improving training:

  • Encouraging the MICE events of both parties to establish business connections with each other, as well as encouraging participation in trade shows, meetings, incentive tours, conventions, and exhibitions organised by one or both parties.
  • Exchanging information related to the business events market and product development, including market research and development.
  • Co-organising opportunities for foreign agencies and media to introduce the respective business events potential of Osaka and Bangkok
  • Co-organising meetings to promote cooperation between the MICE destinations of both countries.

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Also mentioned in the MoU is the strengthening of cooperation to develop MICE industry training and to foster talent, and includes the following items:

  • Exchange of experts, instructors, and students from both parties’ respective MICE training institutions
  • Sharing information on MICE training courses, curricula and programs
  • Support for each other’s MICE training institutions
  • Providing special privileges for participating in seminars and training sessions organizsd by each bureau

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