Original Bootcamp arrives in Hong Kong

HONG KONG Companies looking for an unusual team-building programme may want to check out the services of Original Bootcamp, which has set up shop in the city following its success in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Original Bootcamp combines high-intensity fitness workouts with military-inspired elements, such as using tyres, sandbags and ropes as training tools and the strict adherence to the principles of discipline, motivation and team camaraderie, during the training session. The workouts are structured based on scientific principles of strength so that participants come out of the sessions fit and sporting a healthy body shape.

While it is designed for people who want an alternative exercise regimen, customised sessions for corporate groups are available on request.

“The basic military tenets of punctuality, team work, positive group dynamic and leadership, that we employ in this fitness training, can be easily adapted for a team-building programme,” said company founder and director Selva Kumar. “In a corporate setting, Original Bootcamp helps to build confidence, thus, creating better leaders and co-workers."

Companies have a choice between two formats: one follows a pre-set course schedule (three times a week, one hour per session) or a tailor-made one-day event – a six-hour outdoor programme consisting of different activities.

While regular public sessions are held in Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island, corporate groups can enjoy a flexible arrangement regarding venue, time, programme duration and programme format, to name a few.

A session involving 15 to 20 participants is the ideal minimum group size, although the company can work with bigger groups. Original Bootcamp has handled an event with 500 to 600 people in the past.


Gigi Onag


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