Malaysia visit seeks to empower ties with Indonesia

AN OFFICIAL visit by Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau to Jakarta during an energy sector conference is expected to strengthen business event collaboration with Indonesia.

MyCEB will be participating in Enlit Asia 2023, which gather power industry leaders from Southeast Asia to achieve a low-carbon future among other objectives.

The bureau will meet with Indonesian counterparts to explore cooperation in the ASEAN economic bloc and knowledge sharing about the international business events industry.

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“Our robust collaborations will empower us to seize new opportunities by harnessing each other’s expertise to broaden our business initiatives, encompassing both industry-specific and private sector ventures. This will further fortify the technical and economic cooperation between Malaysia and Indonesia,” said Zain Azrai Rashid, acting chief executive of MyCEB.

The trip also follows agreements on cooperation following the pandemic signed between MyCEB, the Malaysian Association of Convention & Exhibition Organsers and Suppliers and the Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association in 2022.

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MyCEB said that the Memorandum of Cooperation has delivered “impactful outcomes” including an indepth understanding of each other’s strategies, networking between the two associations and a shared commitment to industry success.

“The sales mission’s goals encompass forging connections with leading figures in the industry and government to leave a lasting impression,” Zaid added. “Moreover, the visit aims to enhance the convention and exhibition sector while exploring opportunities for growth in the corporate meeting and incentive field. We seek to network with influential local leaders who have the potential to propel our businesses to greater heights.”

MyCEB will also be hosting several initiatives during the visit including a networking session, meetings with Indonesian industry players and venue visits. Interested parties can contact to schedule appointments or future collaboration.

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