Malaysia draws in architectural conference

MyCEB and Malaysian Institute of Architects present winning bid in Spain to bring UIA International Forum 2024 to Kuala Lumpur

THE WORLD’S foremost architectural conference is heading to Kuala Lumpur after a presentation by Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau and the Malaysian Institute of Architects secured the event.

UIA International Forum 2024 is expected to gather more than 2,000 delegates and have an economic impact of more than MYR43.4 million (about US$9.7m) and up to MYR18.5m in visitor expenditure to the Malaysian economy.

The Union Internationale des Architectes is one of the most sought after conferences among destinations. Hosting UIA was considered a vital test for Tokyo’s organisational capabilities as Japan recovered from the  Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011; the Spanish capital Madrid was the most recent host city.

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Malaysia’s final bid presentation was held in a hybrid format at the  UIA 148th Council Meeting and Extraordinary General Assembly in Madrid. The team leading the bid included Ezumi Harzani Ismail, chair of the UIA International Forum; Sarly Adre Sarkum, president, Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM); Alice Leong, deputy president, PAM; Ahmad Najib Ariffin, director, Nusantara Academy of Development, Noor Ahmad Hamid. chief operating officer, MyCEB.

Tourism and culture minister Nancy Shukri said in a message to the delegation that the ministry strongly supported the bid efforts and said Kuala Lumpur was an ideal choice for an architectural conference with the theme of “Diversecity – Humanity and Sustainable Growth”.

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“Kuala Lumpur is the true epitome of diversity. Its architecture comprises a rich heritage of gems [from] its colonial era, as well as growing numbers of modern, world-class buildings and countless new city centre districts… a top performing economic destination,” said Shukri.

Abdul Khani Daud, MyCEB chief executive said: “Other than the direct economic impact that the forum is expected to generate for the Malaysian economy, it is our fervent hope that the global architect community will use the forum as a platform for a Global Declaration for the benefit of humanity.

“We are proud to offer Malaysia this global commitment for a better future. This is in line with our vision that every business events activity that we host in Malaysia, will leave a long-lasting legacy, dossier to champion architects and future generation. I believe that the legacy left behind beyond the economic impact is what really matters.”

Main picture: the MyCEB and Malaysian Institute of Architects bid team after their successful presentation in Madrid

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