Hollywood’s winter backdrops offer snowy events in Asia

Hong Kong-based production company Orient Snow has launched a range of winter effects offering planners the option of 200 different solutions for recreating a winter backdrop in events.

Orient Snow is the regional arm of UK-based leader in artificial snow technology Snow Business, which has provided winter effects for films such as the Harry Potter and Bourne series and TV shows such as Top Gear and Game of Thrones.

“If you can imagine it, we almost certainly have a material for it. This is what we tell producers and creative professionals when they ask what our artificial snow solutions can achieve. We can produce visually stunning, hyper-realistic settings even in locations such as Vietnam, in the middle of a 40-degree celsius summer,” says Orient Snow director Josephine Lawrence.

The company, which began operating in Hong Kong last April, expects strong interest for their services from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau where winter effects are in high demand among production companies.

“In the live events and experiential marketing sector, for example, our solutions can create scenes for such fun activities as tubing, off-road driving or even snowman building,” says Lawrence.

“Event producers increasingly want to make a greater connection with their audience, and our winter effects can make that possible. To date, we’ve provided well-received winter effects for such clients as Ralph Lauren’s retail stores in Hong Kong and Macau, The Venetian Casino in Macau and the upcoming film, Farewell My Berlin, shot in Vietnam.”

Orient Snow’s machines can cover the area of a football pitch with about 17cm of biodegradable and fireproof artificial snow within 24 hours. Themes include “Black and Grey”, which gives off the effect of burnt debris, soot and ash, for apocalyptic scenes in events or entertainment. 

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