Fan returns to ET Global as East Asia GM

ARCHITECT-TURNED exhibitions expert Fan Li is returning to ET Global as general manager for the East Asia region.

Fan trained as an architect before gaining 15 years of experience in business development operations in China and Europe, including more than a decade in Germany. He also headed ET Global offices in Shanghai and Singapore from 2013 to 2021.

Frankfurt-headquartered ET Global provides customised live-marketing experiences and exhibition spaces. Fan’s previous work with the company is credited for achieving continuing growth for its Asian presence.

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Marc Matern, ET Global’s managing director of client services and business development, said: “With Fan’s return to the top of our Asia teams in China and Singapore, we are preparing for an increased project volume with clients looking to increase their live marketing presence in Asia, but also with clients from the region exhibiting locally.

“ET Global is truly global. With our teams in all major markets, we are more than ready to serve our clients with an integrated service that fully meets [their] needs worldwide.”

Main picture: Fan Li, left with ET Global client services managing director Marc Matern

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