Biomed expo boosts GL Events’ hopes

Success of CACLP in Nanchang, China, seen as important in struggle to overcome pandemic and raises prospects for company hit by Covid downturn

AN EXHIBITION in China attended by experts in diagnosing infectious diseases and biomedicine has thrown up two benefits: an exchange of knowledge as the pandemic continues and a boost to the hopes of an organisers hit by the downturn.

The China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo in China (CACLP) exhibition organised under GL Events’ China operations has been hailed a success after more than 1,000 Chinese and international companies (up from 870 in 2019) exhibited at Nanchang, 357km south of Wuhan, from August 21-23.

It was GL Events’ first exhibition in China since the Covid-19 outbreak and had been postponed from March. Attendance was up more than 50 per cent from 2019 with a total of 35,000 visitors over three days, according to GL Events.

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“Its performance bolsters the outlook for a rebound by all GL Event Group’s Chinese exhibitions in 2021,” a statement from the company said.

Olivier Ginon, GL Events Group’s chairman, said the event “demonstrates, on the one hand, the importance for exhibitors of having an opportunity to meet and, on the other hand, [GL Group]’s ability to adapt its events to the health and safety measures adopted by governments in the different countries where it operates.

“The response received by the CACPL exhibition gives me confidence in the outlook for the upcoming Chinese exhibitions planned in 2021.”

Highlighting the significance of the event as countries struggled to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, GL said the exhibition brought together industrial players along with national and international departments from fields including immunodiagnostics, chemical and molecular analysis and outpatient diagnostics of infectious diseases.

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“CACLP intervenes in a sector whose importance is highlighted by the current health crisis,” GL said. “In China, this market represents approximately eight billion yuan [about US$1.1bn]. Backed by top-tier medical conventions, CACLP brings together experts in cutting-edge fields such as preclinical medicine and biomedical engineering.”

The success of CACLP comes as GL Events suffered financial losses amid the downturn brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

GL chairman Ginon said business activity had been picking up in most markets where it operated. Part of the GL’s strategy for strengthening its prospects is the acquisition of  events such as the Paris Fashion Show and other partnerships.

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