ASM Global appoints First Nations ambassador

CAMERON COSTELLO, a traditional owner among the Quandamooka people native to Moreton Bay and southeast Queensland, has been appointed First Nations Ambassador for ASM Global Australia.

ASM Global Asia Pacific chairman and chief executive, Harvey Lister, said Costello takes up the role at a time in history when Australia is on the verge of historical  change for its indigenous peoples.

“Cameron brings a 25-year legacy delivering First Nations arts and cultural policies in Queensland and has extraordinary experience particularly in the tourism and events sector. His contribution and advice will be pivotal to the group’s reconciliation journey and cultural competency,” said Lister.

Costello serves as deputy chair of Queensland Tourism Industry Council, interim chair of Queensland First Nations Tourism Council, and has been appointed to the Queensland state government’s Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Committee.

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He sees a connection between First Nations peoples who have been gathering and conducting ceremony on Country for tens of thousands of years, and ASM Global, which in continuing that tradition, creates new and meaningful opportunities for First Nations peoples to play a role, which he says is an opportunity for all parties.

“In terms of what we want to achieve, for me it is around leadership and legacy,” Costello said.

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“It is important that there is opportunity for real outcomes for First Nations peoples through training and employment that will empower them to achieve their potential, to help close the gap and improve their quality of life. There are so many amazing opportunities within the structure of ASM Global that can help drive and deliver practical outcomes.

“Looking towards 2032 I hope we will look back and be able to say we have unlocked a First Nations renaissance period in Australia where we have grown and celebrated our oldest living culture, with Australians from all backgrounds walking together, hand in hand seeing historic moments unfolding.”

Costello said would use his experience to guide and assist with the preparation and development of a Reconciliation Action Plan for ASM Global and advise on First Nations projects and protocols. He will also work with the group’s Australian venues on cultural competency training and assisting when needed.

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