Three Challenges

Increasing emphasis on events as a powerful, direct communication channel presents three main challenges for professional event managers: conceptualizing and implementing a compelling event that stands out; meaningfully incorporating non-traditional communication channels into the marketing plan; and developing the resources necessary to deliver a well-executed event.

Surveys of marketing and sales executives clearly demonstrate a strong correllation between  in-person events and the production of qualified sales leads. Corporate functions in and of themselves are highly effective methods of communication, and the increase in the number of corporate events being put on illustrates just how effective they can be as a sales and marketing tool.

Events can be cost-effective investments and on the whole, can be  developed, promoted, and executed relatively quickly to generate fast returns. As a result, more companies, associations, and event producers than ever are going this route. The challenge is to distinguish yours from the others offered in the same market.

Shifts in sources of information further complicate the professional event organiser’s life. Online communications, especially e-mail, have become integral components for marketing and promoting events. But what of other digital media?  Visionary organisers are leveraging webcasts of speaker introductions on event websites.

Electronic promotions are showing up on social networking sites such as YouTube. Postings by event delegates of past meetings can serve to keep the event in play and help promote the next offering. This is an important mean of generating interest in functions and forums of all kinds.

Events and conferences are becoming more complex because delegates expect to be engaged 24/7 throughout the meeting. The complexity often involves organising breakout meetings within a conference, handling a large number of speakers, and coordinating and scheduling of leisure and entertainment alternatives, yet there are few professional event organisers who can successfully execute this piece.

While companies face the challenge of finding an organiser who’s up to the task, organisers must rise to the challenges of managing all aspects of events.


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