Getting the Message Across

At Sixth Sense Communications, our core business is in public relations but we also handle event management for clients which engage us to undertake their trade and media launches.

In our experience, we find that sometimes the most challenging part that any marketing specialist faces is to manage the expectations of the clients.

Consultants should not concede to clients’ needs blindly because they are paid to advise their clients on what’s best, delivers results and is cost-effective.

A good campaign does not always mean an extravagant one.

Sometimes the simplest things can convey a lasting effect too.

When one event has two different audiences and objectives in the case of back-to-back media and trade launch, the event organiser has to offer the client the best solutions without diluting the results for either.

For starters, create different invitations with different messages for the two audiences and remember to send it out on time, allowing at least two weeks’ lead time.

As a “double whammy’” create an email version of the invitation so you can send these out in advance or as gentle reminders.

And as much as possible, stay away from standard one-dimensional invitations that will get lost in the stack of mail. Invitations should strive for creativity in terms of format and approach while retaining some degree of mystery or quirkiness for added suspense.

You want your guests to take a second look at your invitation and not throw it in the junk.

Always separate the media preview from the trade launch if possible, so you and your clients have time to deal with the media personally, and no one gets neglected. Keep the programme breezy and concise too, no longer than an hour.

The media want 1) the key messages to be delivered short and sweet, 2) the media kit to be comprehensive 3) to meet key personnel and then get back to work.

Always be prepared for on-the-spot interview requests and prepare a room or corner of the venue where your client and media can talk in privacy.

Unless it’s a ground-breaking, earth-shattering news announcement, try to keep away from the boring “speakers panel and classroom-style” format.

Even if clients insist on it, do your job and present them with scenarios and options, and weigh the pros and cons.

Again, the key to a successful campaign is using your knowledge of what works best and effectively because that is what you are paid to do.



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