Climbing the Mountain

What a view from the top it will be!

I have seen a plethora of destinations and venues and produced events around the globe in all shapes and sizes during my 25 years in the industry. I now call Macau home, and what perfect timing to be in this truly unique, culturally diverse metropolis.

We have our challenges ahead for sure. With the world shrinking and new destinations throwing money at the MICE market to secure their business, Macau needs to refine and polish itself to be ready to take on the rest of the world. The term “partnering” has to take on an entirely new meaning here, with such low unemployment rates, combined with the relatively new MICE industry. Venues and service providers have to work closer together to achieve greater gain.

Let’s win the business for the region first, then allow the client choose the best options in our destination. It is up to us, more senior industry players to educate, train and mentor, and whenever possible, lift the game and provide a truly “world class” service network. The people in the region that I have had the pleasure of meeting all want to be proud of who they are and where they live. Yes, it is challenging to operate in an environment where staff jump ship for a small salary increase. How can we move forward if this is the case – it is experienced staff that makes our company special and sets us apart from the competition.

I will always look to all parties as partners, whether it is the venue, supplier, a staff member or end client. It is time that we, as a responsible collaborative core, take the next step. Together, through team incentives, training and recognition, we will ensure that future clients receive their multi-dimensional journey, and that expectations are not just met, but exceeded. It will be a climb, but remember the view that waits for us!


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