A Mission to Serve

The interest in corporate social responsibility and environmental and social issues has been fast and furious in the wake of corporate and environmental catastrophes.

With increasing priorities toward corporate social responsibility and no clear definitions, a multitude of interpretations has evolved, setting a platform for broad-based structured policies aligned toward accountability, environmental sustainability and corporate philanthropy with large corporations and leading personalities taking the lead.

As creators of corporate and leisure travel experiences, we are inevitably connected to the community and people whom we operate with. Our vision of corporate social responsibility stems from the basic instinct to start simply by giving, to a cause that we are committed to.

Inspired by a mission to celebrate life and connect people, we see the great potential to passionately engage people toward our cause for the elderly through the Tsao Foundation’s partner-in-care programme, whose mission is to promote successful aging. With an innate affinity to the elderly, one that I personally feel has been neglected by the larger community, this is the group that has built our presence and continues to have much to contribute.

We launched our initiative on July 1, with a commitment of S$1 (US$0.65) to the foundation for every traveller that we connect with through our leisure and corporate travel programmes. We actively engage our vendors and clients to the cause.

Our impetus toward corporate social responsibility continues with a series of activities on a broader scale, all geared to inspiring and stimulating interest and action by rallying the people we connect with.

From materials designed to provide information on avenues of contribution to all our corporate movements to the development of a new range of travel products that encourage responsible tourism in the region, we have begun to connect with a wider community of like-minded people who we think will eventually create a profound impact to the landscape of the industry in a very positive manner.

We now look forward to greater opportunities for exchange, network and collective action that will enhance the sustainability and continued fervour in this direction.


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