How to introduce groups to wellness

What experience have you had of working with groups?
Over the past 25 years I’ve conducted sessions and counselling for Six Senses owners and shareholders; Russian business leaders in Moscow; and the British Embassy Tsunami relief team in Phuket, to name just three.

How should delegates wind down in today’s wired world?
I see so many people nowadays constantly checking their phones. It’s as if they can no longer be in the moment. If we are not present for our family and friends, and lose the ability to properly communicate and connect in our down time, how can days off and after-work hours truly be called our own?

Free time costs nothing but the free will to put your phone down in your down time. Try it.

What part does diet play in stress?
Modern life is fast-paced, so most people eat on the run. Eating too fast has been proven to cause many digestive disorders, among them IBS, indigestion, constipation, and poor energy levels.

There is a Buddhist dictum on being present when eating, which I think is ideal for this modern malady. Look at it; inhale the aromas; listen to the sounds of your surroundings; feel the textures in your mouth; taste the flavours; and do not drink while eating, so as not to wash away the digestive enzyme in your mouth.

Notice there is no mention of taking a picture of your food at any stage…

Ghandi said: “Drink your food, chew your beverages.” He meant you that should take time to chew your food until it become like fluid, and roll the beverage around your mouth as if you were chewing it, to fully enjoy the flavours.

Can exercise help?
We are built to move. We are not naturally designed to sit for long periods of time at a computer, table or aircraft seat, even if it is in first class.

We all know about endorphins – the feel-good hormone that is released when exercising. But exercise also releases tension and stiffness, and recent research has shown that regular balanced exercise combats depression.

Locomotion is inherent in all of us. Traditional Chinese medical practice holds that “movement and circulation is life, stagnation is sickness and death”.

What about sleep?
Poor sleep quality is one of the biggest causes of stress and sickness in the modern age. I’m creating a sleep enhancement programme that combines the best of modern technology with holistic wellness techniques that will help induce high quality and quantitative sleep patterns. Ensuring a correct sleep environment, a positive mental state, and just breathing properly are also highly important.

Wellness consultant Roger Moore was interviewed by Ed Peters

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