Marriott sees China hotel recovery by 2021

Craig Smith expects 60% occupancy across Asia Pacific in July and pre-Covid levels returning thanks to domestic tourism recovery

MARRIOTT International expects occupancy rates across Greater China to reach 60 per cent in July with pre-Covid levels returning by the start of 2021.

Craig Smith, Marriott’s Asia-Pacific group president described the recovery of the domestic tourism industry in mainland China as encouraging with average occupancy rates of 37 per cent in July.

“Obviously Asia will lead the world recovery in our industry,” Smith told Reuters.

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“For all the Asia-Pacific I think the recovery to pre-Covid levels will be next year. We are hoping that China recovers sometime around the first quarter of 2021.”

Smith told the news agency that Marriott implemented voluntary no-pay leave for staff relocating some staff to new hotels in a bid to avoid redundancies.

Marriott reported that average occupancy rates across Greater China stood at 55 per cent in July. This comes after strict lockdown measures imposed in China to contain Covid-19 saw occupancy rates drop to 10 per cent with some as 7 per cent.

Though the pandemic delayed some openings, Marriott has plans to unveil up to 80 hotels in Asia Pacific this year with the recent opening of JW Marriott Nara being a debut for the brand in Japan.

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