Brisbane centre’s execs step up to Olympic challenge

EXECUTIVE-LEADERSHIP roles at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre have been widened as the city prepares to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Shaun Mitchell (above left), director of events and customer services takes up the role of 2IC (second-in-command) to general manager Kym Guesdon. He will take ion additional responsibility for managing and optimising usage of the centre’s space, business mix and levels of business.

Alison Gardiner (above right), the centre’s director of sales, and regarded as one of Australia’s most experienced business events professionals, will step into the expanded role of director of sales, strategy and partnerships as part of BCEC’s Growth Strategy, aimed at escalating the progress of business events in the city.

Guesdon said the expanded roles would enable the centre to maximise the opportunities presented by Brisbane’s status as an Olympic host city in attracting events from around the world and building a legacy.

“Strong collaboration is critical, with state government, our universities and business, all united in a common goal,” Guesdon said. “The combined focus of 2032 and beyond will be a key accelerator in our future achievements. Utilising the depth of experience, skills, and collective knowledge we have in our leadership team makes absolute sense.”

Gardiner said the message of 2032 was already resonating across the local innovation, research, business and government communities.  “We are seeing what BCEC is calling ‘the first wave of legacy’,” she said.

“BCEC has been leveraging the messaging of Brisbane as an Olympic host city in future conference bids, presentations, and conversations. Nationally, there is a sense of momentum about Brisbane, and the international market is coming to understand Brisbane’s strong convention offering.

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“As the government-owned venue charged with securing key international and national business events for Brisbane, BCEC is committed to working with city partners to secure an enhanced legacy of strategic outcomes for Brisbane,” Gardiner said.

Mitchell, who has been with the centre for 28 years, said managing and optimising space for maximum efficiency and results for clients and the centre, would ensure that continuing high demand will be met into the future.

“It will also help us maintain the highest customer service standards and continue to deliver exceptional event experiences, for our clients and patrons,” Mitchell said.

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