Sibu graduating to congress success

EVENT practitioners in the Malaysia Borneo city of Sibu will be raising the competitiveness of Sarawak state as a conference destination by graduating tomorrow from a four-day training course.

The 23 industry partners will be taking the Congress Certification Programme Plus (CCP+) – a global accreditation over two days at RH Hotel, Sibu.

The Malaysian Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers organised the course. The certificate is recognised by the Events Industry Council and will enable event practitioners to obtain the Congress Certification Programme (CCP) designation.

“International certifications are a gateway to attracting and delivering quality business events,” said Amelia Roziman, CEO of Business Events Sarawak. “There is global recognition and value for partners with these designations which can widen their opportunities to collaborate with public and private sector stakeholders and contribute to Sarawak’s social and economic developments. Sibu’s business events industry is very active and will certainly benefit from CCP+”.

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CCP+ is a structured four-day programme to master the tools, techniques and processes to execute a world-class event. The Plus Programme is an added module focusing on initiating and building homegrown events, supporting Sarawak’s mission to raise the industry’s professionalism and nurture a new generation of congress and convention organisers.

“This course… is a doorway for industry players when they go into the world of business events,” said Dylan Redas Noel, acting general manager of Capacity and Digital Development at BESarawak. “Many assume that the real work begins during the bidding phase but there are the financial, marketing and management aspects to understand.  CCP+ provides a holistic view of business events planning and management covering the A-to-Z of conference and congress programming.”

Sibu is fast becoming a popular destination for business events, accounting for 41 per cent of hosted events in 2022, according to BE Sarawak.

This year the city will host the National Autism Conference 2023, Asia Pacific Conference on Zoonotic and Neglected Tropical Diseases 2023, and the International Heritage and Culture Conservation Conference 2023 with thousands from around the world expected to attend. In 2024, Sibu will be the first Asian city to host the Participatory Design Conference – a conference usually held in Europe.

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