Summer Charity Ball returns to Hyatt Regency Hangzhou for 11th year

On June 25, with good support from government and charity organisations, Hyatt Regency Hangzhou presented the Hyatt Summer Charity Ball. This year, the hotel chose the “Golden Era” as the theme, inspired by the historic Silk Route that connected east and west. By producing an event of glamour and culinary distinction, Hyatt Regency Hangzhou again made every guest appreciate an amazing and enjoyable night. Since 2006,  when Hyatt Regency Hangzhou held its first Hyatt Summer Charity Ball, over 3,000 guests have purchased 188 items at the auctions and have raised just over a billion renminbi to improve the lives of less fortunate people.

Kindness can be rewarding and even a simple act of compassion creates an endless ripple. The charity ball has set the stage for our guests to help make a difference to lives of children, and through them, make the world a better place!

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