Event tech suppliers launch alliance

Notable players in the event tech suppliers’ sphere have formed an alliance to offer planners their combined services through a single platform.

Launching with a webinar on January 25, the Event Tech Tribe includes mobile app provider Showgizmo, registration platform Swoogo, onsite specialists TRC, content management system Hubb and audience engagement platform Glisser, and is currently focused on the Australasian, North American, and European markets.

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ShowGizmo CEO Marie-Claire Andrews (left) says: “The raw potential of event technology has created an explosion of new companies and innovative products. But this placed the burden of supplier co-ordination and integration of technologies on already overworked event planners. We aim to solve that – making life easier – saving time as well as money.”

The tribe covers end-to-end service – including registration, content management, audience engagement, mobile app and onsite services – by combining the individual services of each partner for “compatible functionality”.

Founder and CEO of Swoogo Leonora Valvo (right) says that “the Tribe ensures service, technology and data are all connected in a flexible way to make your events world-class.”

“Data is at the heart of what we all do: technology is just a means to help you create truly ‘intelligent events’ – measurable, repeatable, scalable and evolutionary.”

TRC founder and chief executive Greg Lazzaro (left) says the collaboration is above all about “excellent events”.

“Building these strong relationships with key partners means we can continue to offer innovation after innovation,” he says. “And the best bit is we’re flexible, we’re independent, and we’re complementary. We can help whether you need to work with two of us or all of us.”

Those interested in the tuning in to the webinar can register here.

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