High Octane Drive

Life in the fast lane

Get your top achievers behind the wheel of fast cars –  and not just any fast cars, but rubber-burning Formula 1 and NASCAR vehicles. If your group members are motorsport fanatics, this will drive them crazy. Even if they are not, it’s hard to resist getting into a dragster or a Porsche and zipping around world-famous race circuits. Racingschools.com can organise a school course for your group in places such as North America, the Middle East, Europe and China. Group sizes can range from eight to 150 people.



tel: 1 480 659 9102


Amphibious assault

Originally the LARC-V was an amphibious vehicle used in World War II as a transport vehicle for men and supplies, but it was also used to cross stretches of water for attacks on enemy forces. Today, in peacetime, they have found new life in Singapore by ferrying around tourists. Now renamed the “Duck”, the craft can take your group on a scenic ride to view the Lion City’s famous landmarks, such as the Merlion, the Esplanade, the Fullerton Hotel as well as along the Singapore River.





Indian road trip

An expedition on board tough jeeps travelling through equally rough terrain is an exciting and adventurous way to take on nature’s challenges. Peak Adventures Tours specialises in taking groups deep into the forests of India or to the foothills of the Himalayas. From the comfort of their vehicles, your group will get the chance to see wild animals such as the leopard, sloth and wild boar. You can drive up one of the highest roads in the world, the snowy Khardung La pass (elevation 5,359m). Up to 12 different routes are available, with each trip lasting from eight to 15 days.





Monster truck safari

Not all trips into the wilderness have to take place on jeeps. The Monster Truck Organisation from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean operates 14 eight-wheeled brutes – all of them repainted and refurbished army trucks. These behemoths can each carry up to 34 passengers and have wheels the size of baby elephants. All-day tours will let your group criss-cross country roads, sugarcane fields, rivers and roll into one of the local villages for a taste of Dominican culture. Prices per head range from US$89 to US$99, depending on the route taken. The company actively supports various projects that benefit local schoolchildren, so you can easily tie your adventure into a wider corporate social responsibility programme.



 tel: 809 244 4060


Ready to assemble

BMW prides itself on offering cars that are “ultimate driving machines”. Your group can find out how true this is by taking a trip to BMW’s home plant in Munich, Germany. Here participants can see a BMW car being put together, bit by bit, from start to finish. Watch how an engine is manufactured and the many quality checks that cars undergo before they hit the roads. This two-and-a-half-hour guided tour, available in English as well as German, is for groups of up to 30 members.



tel: 49 1802 118822


Car museum

The Toyota Automobile Museum, contrary to what its name might suggest, has a lot more than just the company’s own creations on show. Its inventory features many vintage cars, such as the Bugatti Type 35B, Bentleys as well as various Cadillac models. Located in Aichi Prefecture, the museum boasts function facilities such as a main hall that can accommodate up to 250 delegates. There is also a library and a garage. In between meetings and conferences, your group can dine at a restaurant overlooking an ancient Japanese battlefield.



tel: +81 561 63 5151


Move into Top Gear

The MPH Motor Show is not only the coolest car show in the UK, but it offers corporate hospitality packages for those looking for unusual entertainment. With MPH’s collaboration with Top Gear Live, the live version of the popular BBC TV series, your VIPs guests get up close to the action and mingle with the show’s hosts. The theatre performance features breath-taking stunts, amazing special effects and blockbusting driving sequences showcasing some of the world’s best precision drivers. Rates start from US$350 per head.





Cycle round Bali

With all the talk about organising eco-friendly events, how about embarking on a 16km cycling odyssey in Bali? Your team can cycle through the emerald-green valleys, while passing Balinese villages and temples that are rich in heritage. You can pick trails with themes such as “Black Rock Lava”, “Rice Field View” and “Tropical Forest Park”. Specialist firm Balicycling offers several cycling packages with varying difficulty levels from introductory, through intermediate to advanced, depending on your group’s overall level of skill. Aside from enjoying Bali’s picturesque scenery, this is also a chance to get your group out of the office for fresh air and exercise.





Cross the desert

Cruise in search of an oasis with Bike Mongolia on a Yamaha WR 250 Enduro motorcycle and ride past sand dunes in the Gobi Desert. Your group will see Mongolia’s nomadic population as well as the “flaming cliffs”, an excavation site where palaeontologists discovered the sandy graves of dinosaurs back in the 1920s. Visit Kharkhorin, once the bastion of ambitious and incredibly successful warlord Genghis Khan in the 13th century. There are satellite telephones, support vehicles, a professional cook, heavy-duty tents as well as a Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter in case of emergency. A 10-day tour through the Gobi Desert costs US$4,048 per person including rental and fuel costs.





Born to be wild

At some point in one’s life, everyone’s thought of how it would be like to strap on a leather jacket, gloves and get on one of those huge, loud and intimidating Harley-Davidsons. Wild Ride Australia has various tours lasting from one hour to eight. Choose from a variety of locations to tour including the Blue Mountains, Sydney’s northern beaches as well as its outskirts. There are also packages that are available for those who don’t want to spend long periods of time on a motorcycle. Pick a package that would have your group ride to the harbour for a cruise, or to a helipad for a 30-minute helicopter ride over Sydney (this particular set costs US$191). Jackets, gloves and helmets are provided, but participants are strongly advised to wear long pants and protective footwear.





Roll into Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong, famous for its high teas, grandiose lobby and imposing exterior, also boasts a fleet of 14 matching Rolls-Royce Phantoms, making for a more-than-impressive motorcade. You can ferry your VIP guests or celebrity speaker from the airport in style in these spacious green-coloured vehicles. The Phantoms come with 15 built-in speakers and 12-inch screens to watch DVDs. Tours of the territory can also be arranged, depending on your group’s needs and wishes. However, your group must stay at The Peninsula to make use of these regal lords of the road.





Wheels on ice

Journeying towards the North Pole is about as an extreme trip as it’s possible to make. Canadian company Tundra Buggy offers an adventure at the end of the earth. Your group will be able to observe the wildlife of the Arctic, such as the endangered polar bears, their prey, ringed seals, as well as furry arctic foxes. The buggy, of course, is no ordinary buggy but a “Tundra Buggy Lodge” – a mobile trailer that can accommodate a total of 38 guests and comes with a range of facilities. Three levels of tours are available, but we recommend you go for the “Adventurer” level tours that cater to larger-sized groups. The company stresses the importance of sustainable tourism and an authentic Arctic experience. 



tel: 1 204 949 2050


Remote control

Not everyone has the skill or confidence to get into a high-speed motor vehicle and then whizz around hairpin corners on a track. For those who want to be on the safe side, organising a remote-control car race can be a fun, harmless alternative.

While there are event companies that will gladly organise this, it can easily be done on your own.

You can rent your own racetrack, build up teamwork as each group designs its race car with the company’s logo.

For more ideas visit websites, such as About.com and DIY Network, that have some useful tips for aspiring remote control racers.





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