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Macau – Fighting Spirit

1st August 2009

Many were ready to write off Macau when the global financial crisis put a halt to borrowing-funded construction around the... Read More

Korea – Growing Confidence

1st August 2009

Korea provides organisers with a colourful palette, to design their events around, but until recently the country was rarely on... Read More

Meet Malaysia

1st June 2009

With a sophisticated infrastructure geared towards the specific demands of the business events industry, Malaysia has positioned itself as a... Read More

Hong Kong Nocturnal Escapes

1st June 2009

Many bars and restaurants in kinetic Hong Kong offer limitless potential as backdrop for business events. But space has always... Read More

Fun In The Sun

1st April 2009

Many companies may be tempted to drop Thailand from their destination list because of the political upheaval late last year... Read More

Australia – On the Beach

1st April 2009

One of Australia’s most widely recognised images is of endless sandy beaches, with lifeguards on patrol, surfers riding the waves... Read More

Cruise Control

1st February 2009

In the early 20th century before 747s roared across the skies, ocean liners braved long, arduous journeys to deliver their passengers... Read More

Guangzhou – Southern Star

1st February 2009

At first sight, Guangzhou might appear to be something of the ugly duckling of China’s megacities. Beijing has culture and... Read More

Vietnam – Heart and Soul

1st February 2009

Companies invariably gravitate towards the Vietnamese cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City when choosing a destination for their... Read More

Time Travel – Japan

1st December 2008

Few countries deliver the blend of heritage and modernity quite the way Japan does. Kimono-clad women, clutching their mobile phones,... Read More