MyCEB, Sarawak create collaboration powerhouse

Roadshow by Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau and Business Events Sarawak sees Malaysia’s largest collaboration of its type; Borneo states’s role in Hybrid City Alliance highlighted

SARAWAK is at the forefront of Malaysia’s largest national collaboration for business events with a roadshow that highlights the Borneo state as part of global network of destinations offering hybrid events.

The Meet in Malaysia @Sarawak roadshow forms part of Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB)’s campaign to engage the business events industry and support its recovery efforts.

MyCEB recently joined the Hybrid City Alliance – a partnership launched in December 2020 to offer solutions for national and international events taking place across multiple cities. The partnership includes Kuching, represented by BESarawak, and positions the city as one of four knowledge capitals in Malaysia for regional and international hybrid events.

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The inclusion of Kuching in the alliance is expected to create new value proposition for business events planners and increase Sarawak’s destination appeal. Meanwhile, joining the Hybrid City Alliance is a strong point for the Sarawak Government as the Post Covid Development Strategy (PCDS) 2030 pinpoints digital transformation as an enabler to expedite economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability.

“Hybrid events are a key example of how Sarawak’s business events are proceeding with digital transformation,” said Abang Johari, Sarawak’s chief minister.

“While we accelerate our digital capabilities, there is still an emphasis on the importance of face-to-face meetings. Hybrid events will enhance the event experience and engagement, allowing greater reach to disseminate knowledge and create new regional and cross-continental partnerships while supporting the state government’s efforts under PCDS,” said Johari, referring to the Sarawak government’s Post-Covid Development Strategy.

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Nancy Shukri, Malaysia’s tourism minister, told the roadshow event: “I am pleased to see MyCEB collaborated well with the state government in bidding [for] international conferences.

“Since 2010 until 2020, MyCEB has supported 86 events for Sarawak, bringing in over 40,000 delegates which have contributed RM457 million [about US$110m] in estimated economic impact.

“Under the Meet in Malaysia campaign since its launch on 24 July, 2020, the campaign has supported four events that will be held in Sarawak, expecting 2,600 delegates and contributing to RM26.9 million in estimated economic impact,” tourism minister said.

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