Choose Blue, Yokohama tells green planners

After a successful trial during the ICCA Summit in Pacifico, Yokohama convention bureau rolls out its Blue Carbon Offset System along with videos promoting the maritime city

YOKOHAMA Convention and Visitors Bureau is offering planners a tried-and-tested carbon-offset system to use when holding events in the Japanese port city.

The ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter Summit 2020 was the first international conference that saw the Blue Carbon Offset System used as 294 delegates travelled to the vent at Pacifico Yokohama North.

Yokohama Blue Carbon Offset System is a global-warning countermeasure developed in the city, which uses local marine resources to achieve carbon offsets.

The distances travelled by all the delegates to Yokohama was tallied and the carbon emissions were measured along with the energy required to power the Pacifico venue.

The result was 9.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which was offset by using part of the participants’ registration fee for funds that went into projects supporting marine life that absorbs CO².

The city’s convention bureau, which chaired the organising committee of the summit in December, is encouraging event planners to adopt the Yokohama Blue Carbon Offset System.

Meanwhile, Convention and Visitors Bureau has released a series of videos to highlight the city’s appeal as a conference and incentive destination.

The videos are designed to show the city to delegates taking part in hybrid conferences and cannot travel to Yokohama in person. They also introduce recently opened facilities next to Pacifico  Yokohama, including Pacifico Yokohama North and The Kahala Hotel & Resort.

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