World stair climbing competition comes to China

The Shangri-La’s China World Summit Wing, Beijing, part of the China World Trade Centre and the highest hotel in Beijing, is to host the first ever vertical marathon held in China. Accredited by the International Skyrunning Federation, the event will see competitors race up 2,057 to the top of the 330 meter tower and onto the rooftop of the hotel.

A gruelling competition, vertical racing was first started in the 1970s and is now a global sport. Taking place on the 3rd August, the China leg of the competition will see professional vertical racers, sportsmen, celebrities and the general public take part in the sprint to the summit.  Over 1000 competitors are expected to attempt the challenge, which takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. Thanks to the height and distance covered, the Chinese date is currently considered to be the most challenging in the 2013 calendar.

The Shangri-La China World Summit Wing joins a list of prestigious buildings that have hosted the event. Previous venues include the Empire State in New York and Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

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Graeme Park


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