Venues with a presidential touch

Presidential Suites no longer just provide accommodation to five-star hotels' most distinguished guests. For some time now, these luxurious spaces have been transformed to stage exclusive high-end events.

Mix takes a look at five of the finest Presidential Suites in Asia, which can double as an event venue:


The Presidential Suite


With a breathtaking, unobstructed view of the magnificent Hong Kong Island skyline, the InterContinental Hong Kong’s Presidential Suite, widely considered as one of, if not, the finest in all of Asia, is an exclusive 650 square metre duplex with five bedrooms, dining room, private study and gymnasium. The modern furnishings give a casual yet elegant appeal, especially apt for a small business get together with a couple of drinks.

It has a built-in infinity pool on the rooftop, complete with Jacuzzi – all for private use. This provides a perfect backdrop for a private cocktail party with the relaxing by the pool atmosphere combined with a stunning view over the Victoria Harbour. The Presidential Suite is versatile, from small-scale business meetings to exclusive fashion showcases or social events, the InterContinental Hong Kong’s premier suite supplies meeting planners a playground of almost endless possibilities.

Group Size: 20 to 80 people



The Imperial Suite

Designed by former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos, to say that it is a suite "fit for royalty" would be an understatement. Perched on the top floor of the hotel, The Imperial Suite provides a 180-degree view of Manila Bay, as well as probably the best view of the Manila Bay sunset from its sala. The old school décor gives a traditional vibe that resonates through its different rooms. The classic feel of the place makes for a formal, professional venue for any potential business events.

The highlight of the suite is the understated but elegant main lobby, which houses a lucky bonsai garden in the centre. It makes for an easy welcome – nothing too formal yet nothing too casual either – and is great for setting a more relaxed tone for fellow partners in the event or meeting. The rest of the suite, while still featuring the classic wooden furniture so commonly associated with formalities, retains a sense of warmth and homeliness. The Imperial Suite, with its unique appeal, is ideal for close-contact business meetings and small-scale events.

Group Size: 10 to 50 people


The Ritz-Carlton Suite

In a city that prioritises the practicality of business ahead of everything else, the hotel’s The Ritz-Carlton Suite spans over 446 square feet and has two bedrooms, a private game room, living room, dining room and study room. The suite also comes with access to the hotel’s Club Lounge, which provides complimentary Internet access, refreshments and an exclusive picking of the Ritz-Carlton’s famous afternoon high tea.

Certainly one to make an impression, a behemoth two-storey grand entrance with floor-to-ceiling windows greets guests with a 270-degree panoramic view of the city. Add that to the trademark Ritz-Carlton luxury, the furniture is modern, rich and colourful. A fantastic venue for letting loose after a day of meeting and traversing through the maze that is Shenzhen, small parties and leisurely discussions are the most suited for The Ritz-Carlton Suite.

Group Size: 10 to 40 people



Extreme WOW Suite

The lavish pad is a technological marvel, with a high-end audio-visual system that boasts a gigantic 65” plasma television display with DVD/AV centre and state-of-the-art surround sound system. This Bang & Olufsen AV system is not found in the living room as it is evenly spread out throughout the suite, giving guests what is truly a surround sound experience.

A very ideal venue for themed parties, the stylish furnishings are cosy yet well spaced out. The lofty views over Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour is a good contrast to the warm colours that fill the rooms, providing a delectable lounging experience, be it in the Chaise Lounge or the living room. Press conferences, intimate get-togethers and relaxing quick company getaways can be accommodated as well.

Group Size: 30 to 100 people


Sarkies Suite

One of the world’s iconic suites in one of the world’s most iconic hotels, the Sarkies Suite in Raffles Hotel has previously hosted the likes of Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin. Set in a refurbished British colonial house, the landmark hotel, where the Singapore Sling was invented, serves as a stark reminder of Singapore’s colourful past.

The 268-square-metre suite itself is amazingly spacious with its 4.2 metre high ceilings, giving the room a natural coolness – a reprieve from the sweltering Singapore weather. The two bedrooms and dining room share a common private balcony, which is large enough to serve as a holding area or to supplement the living room space. There are three bathrooms and a pantry that help to facilitate larger crowds, while the Anglo-Chinese furnishing fusion makes for a very oriental environment – while still retaining Western professionalism.

Group Size: 10 to 40 people

Randall Sim


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