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UNITED KINGDOM The Brewery has launched in time for the London Olympics, The Retreat, a temporary hospitality venue designed to provide perks associated with an upscale member's club. It is a place to entertain and seal important business deals over the summer during this year's most watched sports event.

Located just five minutes from Liverpool Street Station, the lounge provides a base for visitors, who want to avoid the crowds and congestion during the city's peak hours. Olympic events will also be shown on big screens in different corners of the facility.

The Retreat is divided into six sections: The Park, which is an outdoor area that provides a casual lounge for associates to meet in a relaxing environment; The Great British Diner, a food outlet that is modelled after a traditional American diner with English elements blended in; The Cinema, a place to watch the Olympics on a big screen with an excellent sound system; The Country Club, where high-speed internet can be accessed as well as other business facilities; The Club, a breakfast place that doubles up as a cocktail bar and venue for late-night dancing; and Backstage, a spa providing a range of massages and grooming services.

Corporate groups can book one of these unique areas, as long as their numbers can be accommodated and the organisers are notified in advance.

Rates start at GBP294 (US$470) for a one-day membership and GBP3,000 (US$4,790) for a full 17-day membership. Privileges include unrestricted access to all areas of The Retreat (except the private branded spaces) on a hop on-hop off basis. This means members can enter and leave The Retreat daily as many times as it suits their needs. The 17-day membership is transferable, using a simple pre-booking system which literally means leaving your colleagues or friends and family names at the reception. However, only one person per membership will be allowed into The Retreat at any time.

Guests also enjoy a number of benefits such as unlimited food and drinks, 24-hour concierge service in a variety of languages, evening entertainment with presenters, celebrities and live bands (line-up to be confirmed) and unrestricted wifi access throughout.

Randall Sim 


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