Thai Smile welcomes incentive business

MACAU Thai Smile – the new “sub-brand business unit” of Thai Airways (click here) – provides the incentive travel market another way to access fun destinations.

Thai Smile launched operations on July 7 with a flight to Macau, a city, which Teerapol Chotichanapibal, Thai Airways executive vice-president of product and customer services, said “was like Bangkok since it is well poised to offer visitors a number of exciting and enjoyable activities as well as cultural experiences”.

In fact, TG750 (the TG airline code is used as Thai Smile is still a part of Thai Airways), which landed at 11.30am in the entertainment hub over the weekend, carried a group of 113 passengers from the Bangkok-based branch of Tokyo Marine.

“Thai Airways has always gone after the incentive business,” said Pandit Chanapai, Thai Airways executive vice-president, commercial department. He identified a unit in the company, Travel Industry Relations Department, as being tasked to work with various tour operators and destination management companies to design packages according to corporate requirements.

It may be too early to say if Thai Smile aircraft could be lent out for charters, but its executives have not discounted the possibility.  

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Margie T Logarta


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