Team Building Asia Unveils Crescendo

ASIA-PACIFIC Team Building Asia (TBA), which is celebrating its 10thyear, has added a new group programme to its portfolio. Called Crescendo, the unique activity transforms a corporate team into a string orchestra in less than an hour.

“It helps to align organisations, address the work/life balance and instill positive ambition,” said David Simpson, TBA founder and co-creator. “Imagine the powerful message when your whole company achieves the seemingly impossible task of playing classical music together.”

Simpson added that taking a “musical interlude” during your conference helps message retention and reinforces important concepts such as connecting with colleagues, listening and having fun.

The activity is being positioned as an icebreaker between conference sessions and as an after-dinner event.

Under the guidance of two expert tutors, the group is introduced to violins and violas. They are taught the basics of how to hold the instrument. The instructors then provide the group a piece of music that they need to learn how to play by the end of the lesson.

Ideal group size for Crescendo is between 24 and 150 participants. The group will be split into three teams composed of up to 50 people each.

The programme duration is between 60 and 90 minutes and costs about HK$1,000 (US$129) per head.

The activity is available in Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau, but as it is easily portable, it can be done in other Asian destinations.

Gigi Onag


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