Swisskisafari shows unique ways to explore the Alps

THE ALPS – A select team of travel professionals, based in the Swiss Alps, is helping adventurous individuals discover virgin terrain through a series of bespoke experiences.

Swissskisafari, set up by avid sportswoman Danielle Stynes, introduces unique ways of hiking, biking and skiing through the borders of Switzerland, France and Italy.

Stynes also organises exciting climbs of iconic peaks such as the Matterhorn (4,478m) or the Eiger (3,970m) for small corporate groups, who want to capitalise on the trip's team building elements or may want to test the mettle of potential employees, as a leading investment house recently did. She describes her customers as “Type A-personalities…focused…determined”, since these activities demand a level of fitness and love of the outdoors.

Itineraries, Styne stressed, are highly tailored to the customer’s objectives and budget, as well as being flexible, given the unpredictable weather in the Alps region. “We have to manage everything, and we not only have a Plan B, but a Plan C, a Plan D and so on…We never compromise on safety.” Veteran guides, many of whom are from the surrounding areas, have much input in the itineraries.

And it’s not all about excessive exertion. The safaris incorporate indulgence in the programme, including stays in exquisite and secluded mountain lodges with gourmet meals and hot soaks or soothing massages to pamper the tired athlete at the end of the day. Should the group request for it, cultural experiences can also be introduced in the line up of acitivities.     

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