Space travel incentives now a greater possibility

UNITED STATES With NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover successfully landing a few days ago, the possibility of mass space travel grows even stronger.

In May, Space X's Dragon spacecraft became the first commercial spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station.

Spaceflight incentives and experiences are already available on the market, courtesy of Space Adventures, a private enterprise. Working with professional astronauts and cosmonauts, it is the first and only company to have sent self-funded individuals into space.

Experiences include orbital and suborbital spaceflight programs, zero gravity flights and even the chance to leave the spacecraft to perform a spacewalk. These are all conducted under supervision of trained and highly-skilled cosmonauts – with every effort made to ensure the highest of safety standards.

Trips to the International Space Station were offered by Space Adventures in the past before their license expired in 2009. However, they have confirmed that expeditions will resume in early 2013.

Space experiences are usually either used as competition prizes or as once in a lifetime incentives for staff. Numerous corporate clients like Pepsi, Hard Rock Cafe and Volkswagen have worked in partnership with Space Adventures, which was established in 1998, throughout the years.

The high profile nature of an event like space travel can greatly increase media exposure and generate public interest for a brand.

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Randall Sim


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