Shangri-La hotels in China design unforgettable table centrepieces

GUILIN, CHANGZHOU Floral centerpieces have always been the norm during banquets and formal dinners, but not at the Shangri-La hotels in China. 

Properties like Shangri-La Guilin and the recently opened Shangri-La Changzhou create intricate landscapes and cultural tableaux in miniature to charm guests and provide hours of visual entertainment. 


Shangri-La Guilin's set ups for a state banquet (right) and smaller dinner (left)

The themes usually reflect the local scenery such as Guilin's often painted limestone hills and rivers as well as its colourfully dressed tribal people; while in Changzhou – an emerging economic hub in the Yangtze Delta with thousands of history behind it – the verdant waterways that run through the area (right) are featured. For corporate events, the company's logo can be worked into the presentation, Molly Chang, Shangri-La Guilin director of sales and marketing, told Mix.

Seatings range between four persons to even up to 50 persons – not uncommon in China at dinners with government officials attending.

Fees for the inclusion of these unique centrepieces could range from RMB250 (US$37) to more, depending on the work put into them, or they could even be gratis depending on the number of guests assured by the meeting planner.  

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Margie T Logarta


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