Ramada Resort rolls out CSR initiative

KHAO LAK, THAILAND – Ramada Resort Khao Lak is providing corporate groups the opportunity to engage in activities that support the local community and environment.

Whether on a team building or incentive trip, groups can follow a flexible CSR programme customised to meet their needs and objectives.

Beach and road clean-ups can be arranged between coconut bowling contests and workshops in traditional Thai dancing

“A number of elements can be put together to achieve maximum fun and success,” Michael Vorderleitner, general manager of the resort, told Mix. “All of the [programme’s] components are based around our belief in providing experiences that are related to environmental and community development. This way we work in our community to mutual benefit.”

Team building dynamics, for instance, can be enhanced in an afternoon of mangrove planting. “[It’s] a fun and messy activity as you can end up knee-high in mud, but a very worthwhile one in terms of helping the environment and helping one another as teamwork is definitely required,” said Vorderleitner.

For deeper engagement with the locals, groups can organise activities for the district’s school children, or take part in Thai cooking classes, where they are taken to the local market to meet the growers of the fresh produce they will be using.

Trips are also regularly scheduled to help clean up the Por Ta Khao Lak Spirit Shrine and to plant trees around the Bang Niang Temple. For a more unique experience, groups can also request to participate in the temple’s festivities. “We have done three trips this year for guests who wanted to join in on religious festivals at the temple,” said Vorderleitner. “We will be doing more of this in the future for sure.” 

A popular activity is the Sea Turtle Conservation Centre visit held every Tuesday mornings. Multilingual signage has been installed at the centre in February this year to help educate guests and local residents alike on how to enjoy endangered marine turtles without contributing to the factors that harm them. The centre is located in the Tablamu Naval Base, and while entrance is free, the resort encourages guests to make their own contribution. 

Donations are also accepted in support of flood-prone areas in local and other districts.

“We don’t look at this as a chore or a box we have to tick. We look at it mainly as fun. CSR is a great way to generate a feel-good factor between the locals, hotel team members and guests,” said Vorderleitner. “Khao Lak has been blessed with some truly stunning and pristine coastline, especially around the resort. We see it as nothing less than our duty and an honour to do what we can to keep it that way, involving the local community as much as we can.”

The resort’s CSR programme accommodates groups of all sizes, as large delegations can easily be divided into smaller groups as most activities require.


Johna Baylon


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