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LAS VEGAS Exotics Racing offers companies in this gaming and entertainment capital a unique and fun way to bond their employees as a cohesive team – a trip to the racetrack.

With facilities, centred around “The Playground” road course – the latest addition to the grounds of the well-known Las Vegas Motor Speedway and designed specifically for racing high performance exotic cars – the company can arrange team-building activities promising loads of fun and photo ops.

Jim Switzer, Exotics Racing's vice-president for sales and marketing, told Mix its fleet of Mini Coopers was enlisted in exercises conducted on a cone course. The options: Timed Slalom Relay where two teams vie for the fastest lap times; Simulated Drifting where skill levels test teams’ navigation abilities; and E-Brake Parking where parking skills are challenged when distance to cones are measured.

For individual thrills, the company hands over the keys to the latest models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aton Martin and Porsche among others for a spin on the 1.4 mile-track to zoom to speeds of between 80 and 125mph, depending on the car and experience of the driver. Professional racing instructors, said Switzer, are always on hand with tips to help push the limits of performance “but always with safety of the customer in mind”.  

The not-so-daring needn’t be left out, Switzer added. They can still hop into one of the vehicles with an award-winning racecar driver at the controls, and see what this pro can do behind the wheel during a high-speed drifting ride along.

The races can be easily incorporated as a half-day activity in any itinerary, and Switzer's team can handle up to 500 people, although he advises the group be divided into batches to be able to provide a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Exotics Racing boasts guest facilities consisting of an 2,893 square-metre air-conditioned reception building that includes an outdoor track viewing area, private VIP box for a limited number, briefing room for programme introduction and driver education, lounge area, F&B space where buffets and cocktails can be set up and winners' podium for those souvenir photo taking.

Exotics is the term in the automotive industry used to refer to sports, luxury and concept vehicles.

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Margie T Logarta

(Images from the Exotics Racing website)


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